I just realized I’ve been making a huge mistake all day.

I’ve started and failed about six prints today and each one got me closer to wanting to die inside. I had recently bought a borosilicate glass plate to help fix my domed printing bed on my Monoprice Maker Select v2. Upon receiving that, I thought to myself, “What would be the best way to clean this after a print?”

My natural inclination was to grab the spray bottle of windex, clean off the glass plate, and then spray with hairspray.

My natural inclination was wrong. Do not use windex. Each print I did snapped off the glass plate either on the first or second layer.

So instead, use isopropyl alcohol. I put mine into a spray bottle. Then sprayed, let dry, then you are ready to put on your adhesive of choice (I use hairspray).

Don’t be an idiot like me, do not use Windex.