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I’ve gone through quite a few iterations of this, and I have yet to solve it, but here is a quick summary for those who might need help in the future.

When I tried leveling my Monoprice Maker Select v2 printing bed, everytime I got my four corners perfectly level the middle of the printing bed would always be touching the nozzle.

So, I read online that buying a borosilicate glass plate and a silicon pad would help.

So I installed it over the aluminum bed and it yielded basically the same result.

I figured maybe I had done a bad job, so I took the time scrape off the BuildTak pad on top of the aluminum bed and to goof-off the adhesive below it.

Still I didn’t have success, so I tried using some binder clips. I think the clips help level things better, but they’re also causing the glass to dome now.

My next approach was to physically take off the aluminum bed and try bending the plate so that instead of being domed, it will be concave. Then the glass will set atop the bed instead of being warped.

So I unscrewed the aluminum plate, and I took off the screws being very mindful that they’re easy to lose. The aluminum plate is attached to some wires on the bottom, so you’re not able to take it fully out and bend it, but there should be enough slack that you can pull it out so that it isn’t in danger of hitting the nozzle when you’re applying a lot of force on it.

I ended up placing both my hands on either side of the plate, placing my knee in the middle, and applying a lot of downward force with my knee. It was a bit awkward, but it seemed to do the trick.

I’m happy to say that I felt pretty good about leveling the plate after that, even without clips. I don’t particularly like the clips, as the nozzle will sometimes hit them if you’re not careful, and I tend to not be very careful. It is also quite a bit of effort to take off the glass plate to clean and hairspray with clips to take off and place back on.

Good luck printing!