So I’ve lowered my expectations today. After trying and trying again to get the printing bed level I finally threw in the towel with my new 3D printer.

I messaged support at monoprice and had them talk me through a couple of troubleshooting. They had me take a straight edge (or a razor blade) and a flashlight to determine if the bed was actually level. It wasn’t.

So now I’ve lowered my expectations while a replacement is being sent out. I’m no longer trying to print in the center of the print bed, and now I’m doing simple prints. I’m also only printing on the right side of the bed, so only skinny pieces as well. If the piece ends up going through the center, the domed glass piece will pretty much ruin a print.


  • I printed the MOSFET board.
    • It was good, except one corner curled up during printing. It didn’t cause any problems, but it might be a result of temperatures changing part of the way through. Added that to Open Questions.
    • There are some lines between where the nozzle should’ve been retracting. There shouldn’t be. Retraction settings are currently: Distance 2mm, Speed 40mm/s.
    • This was the first time I tried printing without a heated bed. It seemed to go just fine with some hairspray involved.