Day One with the Monoprice Maker Select v2

Had to immediately square up my z-axis with this blog post:

Used “Quick Settings > PLA” 215 degrees, 60 degrees. printed

butterfly prints at 195 / 50

Had a helluva time getting adhering to work right out of the box. I could print the butterflies from 1, but I couldn’t print anything whose GCODE was produced by Cura 2.6.

Used these settings:

Finally a successful print! XYZ 20x20x20 box. 205 / 60. Bottom left corner.

Looks like the ~supports~ Infill density might’ve been a bit too small, because it looks like the top will not be successfully printing.

Also, the bottom was a bit fucked up because we were dragging out the original 3mm of extruded filament. try dragging the filament more (e.g. to a different corner) before printing the skirt.

Successfully cleaning the nozzle is not entirely easy! Step 1) Heat up nozzle to 200 C. Step 2) Raise it 100mm 3) Retract 3mm 4) Swipe with a thicker cloth

I think my nozzle may have been too tight (not enough room for paper) and that is why it was not adhering.

Stop trying to use glue. Just get a nice clean bed.

Setting the temperature of the extruder first, then the bed allowed for both to heat at the same time. Prints start faster!

Next successful print was the 5mm step calibration.

Next attempt was the skull pencil holder @ 25%. 50% was too big.

Initial extrusion sucks.

Retracting 10mm before and having a skirt will make a difference. There has to be a trick to skirt